Longhorn T-shirt

“So what’s with the Longhorns t-shirt?” asked the man who stared at her breasts.

“Oh it’s one of my boyfriend’s shirts I picked up off the floor this morning. I couldn’t find mine. When he gets home from being deployed he’s out of control, you know? Those Army guys!”

“Is that a Longhorns t-shirt?” asked the man in horn rimmed glasses wearing a corduroy jacket with patches on the elbows.

“Yes, I went to University of Texas for two years before my mother got sick and I had to come home to care for her. One of these days I’ll go back to school and finish that psychology degree.”

“Is that a Longhorns t-shirt?” asked the young woman with a bow in her hair and Tri-Delt earrings.

“No, I used to work in meat packing plant in Oklahoma. I was on the kill line and shot a stainless steel bolt into the brain of the cows as they came down the line. This was just a little souvenir from my buddies.”

“That looks like a Longhorns t-shirt. Are you from Texas?” asked the little boy wearing a cowboy hat and twirling a pop gun on his finger.

“I shore am, lil’ pardner! Let me tell you I shore do miss that big open sky, the smell of mesquite smoke cooking up some brisket, and the feel of the leather saddle as I rode point for the cattle drive!”

After a while the customers cleared out of the coffee shop. It was just Dave Broom and the young woman behind the counter.

“So what’s the real story?” he asked.

She grinned. “I have a girlfriend who is from Texas. Whenever she goes home she picks up a little something for me. But the truth is boring isn’t it?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes. But is what you told me the truth?”

“Do you really want to know?”

Dave squinted into his coffee as if the answer could be divined in the dark swirls. “No,” he finally admitted, “I dont believe I do.”

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  1. gregoryskip says:

    That has a nice rhythm to it c

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