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This Slender Margin of Perfection

At night the stadium is glistening, the pitcher’s fastballs are blistering; the magic number is down to five and the Nats bats are awake and alive, the ball sees the gap and finds the hole, they’re scoring runs here not … Continue reading

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Starshower Observes the Kingdom of High School Stoners

Stoners weren’t as stupid as they were reputed to be; it was as clear to Starshower as the hot cherry on the end of a joint that this wasn’t true. There were smart people and stupid people, some of them … Continue reading

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1984 – The Year That Wasn’t

A recent flashback article on what was popular in 1984 caught Dave’s ever roaming eye. Dave was alive in 1984, somewhat, but his memories of that year did not include Purple Rain, break dancing, the Summer Olympics, Tina Turner, Duran … Continue reading

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