It’s not supposed to
devour you whole, to
eat you while you still
draw breath and heart
beats measure out the day.
But it does.
It’s not supposed to
shred your soul, to
divorce you from any
dignity you may have
constructed over time.
But there it goes.
It’s supposed to be a
means to an end and
not the end itself,
a door out of a bad place
and not the way in
to another even worse.
Has it ever been anything but?
This monster we have dubbed
old catch twenty-two,
damned if you do
and double damned if you don’t,
chasing the dragon that drags
the tiger that claws the monkey
that rides on your back
and forever whispers,
“Without me you are useless,
without me you cease to exist,
without you I am still here always and forever,
within me there is only false hope,
for I am everything you dreamed
I would be and yet somehow
so much less.”

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1 Response to Carnivocation

  1. (publish publish publish…) Um, really think it’s time you seriously consider shopping some stuff around. You’re way too good not to be out in the wider public eye.

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