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“Nothing Happens Unless First a Dream.” – Carl Sandburg

(An Olive Quickly Fragment: Part 6) “This is my dream,” Olive Quickly said. “Isn’t it?” “This isĀ ourĀ dream,” corrected the… well, what was it exactly that sat across from her? There was no way to tell as it had no shape … Continue reading

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Scorpions in the Sand

Scorpions in the Sand (An Olive Quickly Fragment: Part 5) Marilyn Quickly stood at the island in her tidy kitchen and chopped vegetables for a stir fry. She sliced green bell peppers on a customized video game themed cutting board, … Continue reading

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We Are But Spiders in the Mouths of Giants

(An Olive Quickly Fragment: Part 4) As it often did in the Colorado mountains in late summer, an afternoon shower had brewed up, boiled over and blown through all while the Lizard Queen watched from the porch, wrapped in a … Continue reading

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Liz’s Last Day

Today was Liz’s last day in the Coffee Shop. I’m sad to see her go as she was a friendly barista and good company in the 30 minutes or so I waited for the cross town express bus to arrive. … Continue reading

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Eyes Like the Eclipse of the Blood Moon

(An Olive Quickly Fragment: Part 3) On a Thursday in late August, in the slow hours between dusk and true dark, the rain that had held off during the day began to dribble from the battered sky. Olive Quickly went … Continue reading

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Between the lines we go, a path drawn on patchy roadbed. Today the Sniffler is seated two rows behind and sniffles because that’s what she does. Directly behind is the Low Talker who has long conversations on her phone despite … Continue reading

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