For Metal Fans Only

MordorO Father Befouled,
Hearken to the Witchcryer
Chanting the grim
Incantation of the Nihilist,
Who has Unleashed trve Mayhem
And Pestilence upon the outcast dead
Who would seek to
Dismember those once Entombed.

Slayer of the Haunted,
Be not Illdisposed toward the
Circle of Dead Children who open
The Paths of Possession to bring forth the
Morbid Angel to Swallow the Sun
And Master the Rotten Sound.

Drown the Human Remains in the
Cradle of Filth and spatter Carnage over
The Blood Red Throne;
Let the Immolation of the Cannibal Corpse
Be done upon the Altar of Hate Eternal!
For surely Daylight Dies when the
Knights of the Abyss tear down the Despised Icon
Once and for all time.

Bring us to the Edge of Sanity and usher in
An Epoch of Unlight, Terrorize the masses,
For we have Exhumed the Grave of the
Malevolent Creation and carouse in the
Gorguts of the Carcass, exposing the Brutal Truth
And the Hypocrisy behind the Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Heaven Shall Burn when the Gates of Ishtar
Are open to the Nile, and we have
Sentenced to Death the Sons of Azrael,
And Misery of Winter rides through a Bloodbath
Upon a Behemoth, lurching Into Eternity
Under the sign of the Hellhammer.

A Cancer upon those who oppose the
Legion of the Damned! We shall Raise Hell
And Salt the Wound from the plains of Gorgoroth
To the Bloody Shore, and we will see through
The Eyes of the Dead as the Skinless, Septic Flesh
Flows Upon the Deadtide to forever infest the Soils of Fate.

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